What Will a Good Copy Do to the Reader?

“Always put the audience first, Gayathry. Always”, Eddie Shleyner, the founder of Very Good Copy told me when I engaged with one of his posts on LinkedIn. Yes, we as writers are always told to FOCUS ON THE READER. Self-indulgence is considered the writer’s forbidden fruit. The longer we resist the temptation, the better.

But what happens if we write a copy with our ideal reader in mind? What will be our reader’s reaction while reading it? Will he wonder about the hands behind this marvellous craft? (No. You’re the last thing your reader cares about.)

So how will your reader react when he reads a copy that looks him in the eye and talks? If you wanna know more, then read on.

A good copy will urge the reader(prospect) to be a customer

What makes the customer in you tick? Is it an irresistible offer? Is it the benefits? Is it the fact that your friend bought it? Well, most probably, your want for a product is associated with your belief that it can transform or enrich your life.

So to hit the bull’s eye, address the pain points and offer a solution.

Old Spice Website’s Homepage is the perfect example of this. The caption “SMELL WITH CONFIDENCE” urges the reader to buy from the brand. (After all, who doesn’t love to smell good and feel confident?)

A good copy will create FOMO

We all know how to create FOMO. Give an irresistible but conditional offer.

Early bird discounts to “sale ends soon” to “only 1 left in stock” try to push people to take that action.

Well, my favourite is AJIO here. I love how they torture my brother by creating a fake “out of stock” message every time he adds something to the cart.

The real win happens when the same shirt comes back on stock the very next morning and my brother buys for fear of losing his favorite shirt again.


In the example attached(pic), pay close attention to the timer and the possible reaction it can bring about in the prospect.

A good copy will assure the prospect about the quality of a product/service.

Okay, quick question. What’s your go-to method to find out if a product does what it claims? Yes, it is by reading reviews and testimonials.

So, the easiest way to gain the trust of the prospect is to include testimonials in the copy.

Hubspot is a company that has leveraged testimonials to gain the trust of its prospects.

Everything, from the CTA “Hear More From Companies Like Yours” to the one-liner descriptions about the results brought in for its customers conveys only one thing. YOU CAN TRUST US.

A good copy will make the reader jealous of the existing customers of the company.

No one does this better than Apple. With every ad, Apple screams only one thing “BUY ME AND BE ELITE”.

There’s a range of advertisements that aim to tell the viewer why an iPhone is better than an android.

They have a handful of creative ads under their belt that target android users.

These ads talk about how the Iphones offer a better user experience, customer service, and security than android phones.

The latest ad about how it is tougher than any other smartphone is my current favourite. (See pic)

So now that you know what a great copy can do, don your copywriter’s hat and start creating the perfect copy that ticks!




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