5 Best Self-Help Podcasts to Listen to When Life Gives Lemons

A little boy once saw a butterfly struggling to come out of its cocoon. He felt sad for the poor being and decided to help it come out with ease. He cut open the cocoon using scissors and the butterfly came out swiftly.

But to his utter disappointment, the butterfly didn’t emerge out with his fluffy-fledged glorious wings. Instead, its wings were curled up making it unable for the creature to move freely or fly.

Sometimes, we humans are like butterflies. Our struggles may resemble the struggles of the butterfly. Many often, we’ll also have someone to lend us a helping hand. But are they enough to help us wade through the turbulent waters?

Just like the butterfly, we all need to help ourselves to come out of our cocoon of comfort. The difficult times we endure teach us valuable lessons of patience and hard work. So if we seek unnecessary help, it will cripple our growth just like it did for the butterfly.

So, with that in mind, here’s a carefully curated list of 5 self-help podcasts to push your limits, get past difficult times and emerge victorious all on your own!

  1. Not Another Anxiety Show

“Not Another Anxiety Show: A Podcast for All” stays true to its name and tagline as it is not just any podcast on anxiety but one that is known for its inclusivity of all kinds of anxiety warriors- from the occasional worrier to the chronic one.

The host of the podcast, Kelli Walker, has been an anxiety warrior herself for 15 years. She has seen herself occupy both ends of the spectrum of anxiety and thus knew the futility of expensive fixes to anxiety. It is her own experience that urged her to start a podcast that talks not just about temporary fixes but about the root cause and actionable tips to cure anxiety.

Kelli’s podcast is a hit among both anxiety sufferers and fellow therapists alike. Kelli couples humour with up-to-date information about anxiety management giving listeners unique ‘stress-busters about stress and anxiety. As a part of the show, Kelli brings in experts in the field to talk about ways to put reins on anxiety in the most casual way!

Listen to Kelli’s Not Another Anxiety Show Podcast here.

2. What It Takes

Tune into the What It Takes Podcast if you are in need of some motivation or answers to your life’s burning problems. The podcast narrates stories about people who have become something in life so that we’ll understand what it takes to be like them!

The podcast peeks into the life of famous personalities from all walks of life- arts, sports, technology, business and much more through conversations originally taken from interviews conducted by the American Academy of Achievement. Each episode involves tales of success, perseverance, hard work, or failures involved in the life of popular personalities. Thus, through each story, the podcast gives the message that it is possible for you because it was possible for the people before you.

Just like the caption of the Academy of Achievement website, “It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves”, the podcast aims to encourage young people to test new waters, push their limits and seek new horizons even when life keeps hitting them back.

Listen to the What It Takes Podcast here.

3. The Tony Robbins Podcast

Are you trying to boost sales and scale your business? Are you trying to build empathetic relationships with the people around you? Looking for ways to prosper financially? Seeking ways to improve your health?

Whatever the problem, the panacea to solve every malady in your life is The Tony Robbins Podcast. Tony’s podcasts have changed the lives of around 50 million people from over 100 countries.

Tony Robbins, who is a “leader called upon by the leaders” is a life and business strategist, author of six best sellers and a philanthropist. Through this weekly podcast, Tony gives us proven strategies to transform our life from his own experience and also through conversations with experts of various fields. He aims to teach us to dream about an extraordinary life and also walk us through this journey.

If you believe that you should learn from the best to be the best, then this podcast is the best one for you. As a person who walks the talk, Tony’s podcast is a treasure chest of practical strategies to craft the life you desire.

Listen to The Tony Robbins Podcast here.

4. How To Fail With Elizabeth Day

“Learn from your mistakes”, we’ve all received this advice more often than necessary. But the hard truth is that no one taught us how to deal with failures and learn from them. And How to Fail with Elizabeth Day teaches us exactly this- to “fail better” and hence learn better.

Elizabeth Day, the host of the podcast is an author, journalist and broadcaster. Her podcast is one of the most sought after podcasts in the self-help genre and has won the Rising Star Award 2019. Through each episode, Elizabeth teaches us that it is okay to fail. She interviews people from all walks of life and gives us glimpses of their failures, their coping mechanisms and their journey towards ultimate success.

So, if you’re terrified of falling flat on your face when trying out things, tune into Elizabeth’s podcast to learn how to make sense of your failure, learn from it so that you can restrategize to reach your goal ultimately.

Listen to the How to Fail Podcast here.

5. The Joy of Procrastination

Motivation alone can’t fix things in life, especially when you’re a procrastinator who can work only on that last-minute panic. And as people who grew up hearing the old saying, “procrastination is the thief of time”, most can only regard it in a negative light.

But Dan Sullivan and Dean Jackson are here to change this! They help find joy in procrastination and mould you into procrastinators who are comfortable in their shoes! Through each weekly episode, they zero in on the benefits of procrastination while giving actionable tips to procrastinate procrastination.

I would definitely recommend this to all procrastinators who have done the walk of shame every time they mess things up by pushing it to the 11th hour.

Listen to The Joy of Procrastination here.

These are some of the best self-help podcasts you can use to fine-tune your life. But to reap its fruits, you should employ the learning in your life. Just like a butterfly who needs to struggle to come out of the cocoon, you need to do your part to gain the life you desire!




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